Cybersecurity specialists from the Netherlands have discovered several zero-day vulnerabilities in Zoom. The video calling service has already promised to launch an update to get rid of them. However, for now, any person can be left without their computer.

The vulnerabilities had been observed by way of researchers Daan Keuper and This Alkemade of Computest Security, a cybersecurity and danger management company, as part of the Pwn2Own 2021 hacker contest organized via the Zero Day Initiative. Although no longer much detail is regarded about the vulnerabilities, in fact, the researchers used a chain of three bugs in the Zoom desktop version to execute a remote code execution exploit on the goal system.

The person did no longer have to press whatever for the assault to take over their laptop successfully. The error is presented in the action below.

According to Malwarebytes Labs, the assault should come from an accepted external contact or be a section of the identical organization account. It additionally affected Zoom Chat, the company’s messaging platform, however did now not affect in-session chat at Zoom meetings and Zoom video webinars.

Keuper and Alkemad received $200,000 for their opening. This was once the first time the Corporate Communications category used to be introduced in the competition – given the pandemic. It’s no surprise why Zoom was once a participant and sponsor of the event.

In its announcement of victory for Cooper and Alkemada, Computest stated the researchers may want to take nearly whole control of the target systems with the aid of performing actions such as turning on the camera, turning on the microphone, reading email, checking the screen, and downloading browser history.

“Zoom made headlines last 12 months due to a number of vulnerabilities. However, this mainly worried the security of the application itself and the ability to view and hear alongside video calls. Our discoveries are even extra serious. The vulnerabilities in the customer allowed us to take over the whole system from users, ”Keuper said in a statement.

Not patched yet

Understandably, Zoom has not yet had the time to issue a patch for the vulnerability. They have 90 days to do so before details of the flaw are released, but they are expected to do it way before that period is over. The fact that the researchers came out on the second day of the Pwn2Own event with this vulnerability does not mean they figured it out in those two days. They will have put in months of research to find the different flaws and combine them into an RCE attack.

Security done right

This event, and the procedures and protocols that surround it, demonstrate very nicely how white-hat hackers work, and what responsible disclosure means. Keep the details to yourself until protection in the form of a patch is readily available for everyone involved (with the understanding that vendors will do their part and produce a patch quickly).


For now, the two hackers and Zoom are the only ones that know how the vulnerability works. As long as it stays that way there is not much that Zoom users have to worry about. For those that worry anyway, the browser version is said to be safe from this vulnerability. For anyone else, keep your eyes peeled for the patch and update at your earliest convenience after it comes out.

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