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Some VPNs struggle to form themselves stand out from the gang, but ExpressVPN isn’t one among them. the web site boasts that it is the “fastest secure VPN within the world”, and regardless of the truth of that, the reported 200 million-plus users suggests tons of individuals are happy.

The range of apps gets the corporate off to an honest start, with downloads available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and there is now a Chrome extension, too.

ExpressVPN claims its network has grown significantly over the past year, from 100 locations the last time we reviewed the service, to 160+ now (and the claimed 6,000 servers looks impressive, too that’s within the same region as what NordVPN offers.

The reality seems. the Windows clients supported over 160 VPN server locations across 94 countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore), as an example, with a further 5 ‘special’ locations for website unblocking or P2P.

Browsing the website raised more questions than answers. A FAQ uses very different figures – 3,000+ VPN servers over 94+ countries.

If you’re using the free service, you would possibly forgive this type of detail. As long as you’ll accept the ads, anyway, because there are plenty. There are animated icons begging to be clicked, full-screen video ads that demand you “wait 5 seconds to skip”, another ad embedded within the Disconnect dialog – and unexpected notifications if you’ve left the service turned off.

Plus points include instant access to the network, with no signup, no usernames, and no got to fork over your email address or other personal details.

There are not any annoying bandwidth restrictions, either. you’ll use the service the maximum amount as you wish.

If you would like more, upgrading to the paid VIP service drops the ads and gets you access to faster servers. Monthly prices start at $8.32, 30 days risk-free. Not satisfied? Get your money back, no questions asked

Beware, though, despite VPN Proxy Master claiming you’ll use the package with multiple devices, this does not apply across platforms: check-in via Android, say, and you cannot then use an equivalent account together with your iOS devices.

We weren’t impressed by the company’s support for payment methods, either: PayPal, and, oh, wait – just PayPal.

Compare VPN Proxy Master with big-name competitors, who typically have more features, better transparency, larger networks, and more, and therefore the service is left looking distinctly underpowered and overpriced.


ExpressVPN does NOT and WILL NEVER log:

  • IP addresses (source or VPN)
  • Browsing history
  • Traffic destination or metadata
  • DNS queries

We have carefully engineered our apps and VPN servers to categorically eliminate sensitive information. As a result, ExpressVPN can never be compelled to provide customer data that does not exist.

What ExpressVPN collects and why:

As outlined in our Privacy Policy, ExpressVPN collects minimal information about your usage of our services:

  • Apps and app versions successfully activated
  • Dates (not times) when connected to the VPN service
  • Choice of VPN server location
  • Total amount (in MB) of data transferred per day

None of the above data enables ExpressVPN or anyone else to match an individual to specific network activity or behavior. We are unable to answer questions related to data that we do not possess, such as how a customer has used our VPN service.

Why does ExpressVPN need to collect any information at all?

  • To troubleshoot technical issues related to ExpressVPN apps
  • To provide technical support to customers, identify connection problems, and give country-specific advice on how to use our service
  • To enable ExpressVPN engineers to identify and fix network issues

ExpressVPN also collects anonymized analytics data such as speed test data, connection failures, and crash reports. These diagnostic reports do NOT tie back to individual users because we’ve engineered our apps to never know which user sends which data. You can specify in the settings menu of any ExpressVPN app whether you wish to send this data to us.

What ExpressVPN does not and will never collect:

ExpressVPN stores no activity logs and no connection logs from our users. Here’s what that means:

  • No activity logs. ExpressVPN does not see or record which websites you visit. We never log the destination or contents of your traffic, and we run our own private, encrypted DNS on every VPN server for added privacy and anonymity.
  • No connection logs. ExpressVPN never logs connection timestamps, session duration, your source IP address, or the ExpressVPN IP address that your computer assumes when connected to the VPN.

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How to use the Speed Test

The Speed Test is available on ExpressVPN for Windows and Mac. Find it by clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app:Selecting Speed Test on the ExpressVPN interface.

Click Run Test to start the Speed Test:Get the fastest internet connection with ExpressVPN.

As the Speed Test runs, you’ll see the server locations sorted by Speed IndexLatency, and Download Speed:How to interpret Speed Test results.

Latency is the time it takes for a data packet from your device to reach the VPN server location, measured in milliseconds (ms). Server locations that are farther from your actual location will usually have higher latency. The lower the Latency, the better for your connection.

Download Speed is a measure of the rate of data transfer in kilobits per second (kbps). The higher the Download Speed, the better for your connection.

You can achieve different levels of streaming video quality with different Download Speeds.

For example, Netflix’s speed recommendations are:

500 kbpsMinimum quality
1,500 kbpsNormal quality (less than 480p)
3,000 kbpsSD quality (480p or better)
5,000 kbpsHD quality (720p or better)
25,000 kbpsUltra HD quality (1080p or better)

Speed Index combines the Latency and Download Speed into a score for a given server location. The higher the Speed Index, the better for your connection.

Finally, you can keep track of the fastest locations by marking them with a star in the last column.

You won’t find a VPN Speed Test like this on other VPN apps! Take the world’s most reliable ultra-fast VPN for a test drive.

Want to try ExpressVPN ? Check out the website here