Rumors have been going round for some time now that there will be a rugged Apple Watch, however Casio has beat Apple to it. Casio has unveiled its first G-Shock rugged smartwatch the use of Google’s Wear OS platform.

According to The Verge, a section of Casio’s rugged G-Squad Pro lineup, the GSW-H1000, has a host of sports features and is additionally the first G-Shock watch with a color display.

As predicted in a G-Shock watch, the GSW-H1000 has a brawny seem with titanium returned for extra durability. That is backed by way of actual toughness, which includes shock and water resistance down to 200 meters of depth.

What’s new is the Android Wear OS and the dual-layer display with an always-on LCD screen for time display combined, with a color LCD screen that can show maps, sensor data, notifications, and different information.

That is a first for G-Shock watches even although Casio already makes use of Wear OS on its Pro Trek smartwatch lineup.

The watch is additionally geared up with sensors, inclusive of a built-in GPS, compass bearing, optical heart rate sensor, barometric pressure, altitude, and more.

The watch additionally has Casio’s app for 24 indoor exercising choices and 15 activities, consisting of road biking, running, and swimming or for greater extreme sports like snowboarding and surfing, as per CNET.

Meanwhile, the Wear OS platform offers you get right of entry to smartphone notifications, numerous apps, and Google Assistant access.

One bad issue although is that it solely has a 1.5-day battery life with the coloration display however it can stretch out to a month in multi-timepiece mode.

The Casio G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 comes in black, blue, and red colors and will price around $700 in the United States and £600 in the UK. It is reportedly set to arrive in May and is set to show up on the US G-Shock website.

But you can locate it on the UK site and you can request to be notified as soon as it is available.

What is Wear OS?

Wear OS is Google’s smartwatch operating system. However, it does no longer run on all smartwatches. While many smartwatches do run on this operating system, there are a lot of them that do not.

For example, all of the smartwatches that are accessible from Samsung run on Samsung’s personal wearables operating system.

In the identical vein, Apple Watch smartwatches run from Fitbit, and different wearable manufacturers run on their respective operating systems too.

Google’s smartwatch operating system is the most extended one out of all the operating systems. There are extra available smartwatches that operate of this software, according to GSMArena.

There are a lot of apps that are accessible on the platform. A lot of them are equal apps that you can download on Android. Apps like Google Fit, Telegram, Strava, and even Uber can be installed.

You can even locate apps that are made especially for smartwatches. Facer is one of these apps, and it lets you customize your watch faces easily.

So, the place do you get apps? Just like Android smartphones and with Android TV, apps on Wear OS are downloaded from the Play Store. You can additionally install apps directly from the watch.

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