The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro had been the only two models that went on sale firstly whereas the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini went on sale for the first time on November 13.

It’s the first time Apple has geared up all models with OLED displays hence doing away with any primary variations between all iPhone 12 series devices aside from the cameras.

Being the latest iPhones, they are additionally some of the most powerful smartphones, and thanks to iOS 14, customers get some much-needed features and improvements in the software program department as well.

Nonetheless, no be counted how excellent or well-specced a device is, customers are sure to run into positive issues normally due to software errors and glitches.

Of course, at times some issues may, unfortunately, be the end result of hardware problems, however, such issues are frequently uncommon and normally require the whole device to be replaced.

That said, even even though the iPhone 12 series have been launched only a month ago, as customers have started getting their hands on the new Apple phones, we’re beginning to see many bugs and issues being reported.

Matter of fact, we currently reported on several bugs and troubles plaguing the iPhone 12 series such as the heavy battery draining problem, overheating issue, and activation issues to identify a few.

And as the days go by, new iPhone 12 series issues or bugs appear to surface online with dozens of users disturbing Apple to fix such problems.

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Fortunately, though, Apple does fix most major issues by way of software program updates that it pushes to iPhones regularly. Thus, most existing bugs and issues on the iPhone 12 series must be squashed by upcoming patches.

So in order to help you maintain track of the status of existing bugs and newer ones that may additionally finally pop up, we will be tracking all developments and will update the tracker beneath with the latest information.