Samsung Galaxy S21 S30

The next Samsung phone is on the way; what you need to know

The Galaxy S30 is Samsung’s latest flagship series of smartphones, though it’s sometimes called the Galaxy S21. Rumors about the follow up to the Galaxy S10 speculated a few Galaxy S11, but that clothed to be the S20. Will Samsung continue this pattern? We’ll determine eventually.

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S30 (aka S21) Be Available?
Samsung usually drops its new smartphones early within the year, so we’ll likely get the S30 announcement in February 2021, and it should ship by March. However, some rumors are pointing toward a December announcement and a January
ship date.

Samsung Galaxy S30 (S21) Pricing and Models

Based on the pricing structure for the Galaxy S20, the value of the S30 (or S21) series will range from $1000 to $1500. there’ll likely be three models: the S30, S30 Plus, and S30 Ultra. The Ultra model is going to be the foremost high-end with the simplest specs, including a flowery display and a camera with all the bells and whistles. The Plus version sits within the middle it’s a touch smaller than the Ultra, with a smaller battery to match, and a slightly less advanced camera. the bottom model is about an equivalent size or a touch smaller than the Plus and is that the cheapest of the bunch.

Samsung Galaxy S30 (S21) Key Features

The most intriguing rumor is that the S30 will have six rear cameras. In mid-2020, a Samsung patent surfaced of a camera design with six lenses: five wide-angle and one telephoto. The patent images also show they all are tiltable, which may enable more artistic photos with the bokeh effect and making it easier to require photos in low light.

Samsung Galaxy S30 (S21) patent drawings.

The S20 Plus smartphone has four lenses, so six isn’t as far fetched because it might sound. However, not all patents become products, so it’s no guarantee we’ll see anything like this anytime soon.

Rumors also say that the Samsung S30 smartphones will have:

An in-screen camera. the corporate was the primary to feature an in-screen fingerprint sensor to its phones, so this is often a natural follow-up.
A 150MP sensor for the first camera. Various rumors have circulated about this, but it isn’t clear how far along Samsung is within the process.
Per tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer, the S30 will have four cameras alongside a fifth mystery sensor within the top right.
No charging cable. Since numerous consumers have already got the right cables, the corporate might stop including them to scale back waste. Android phones are using USB-C for quite a while, so this is sensible.
No earbuds included. Similarly, since Samsung has been shipping earbuds with every phone for an extended time, consumers likely have them in drawerfuls.