PS5 VRR Support In the present-day update, Sony confirmed in a current weblog post that VRR support will be coming to PS5.

They additionally went on to say that as soon as VRR is available you will be capable to allow it on games that do not officially support VRR.

However, they have additionally made it clear that the effects of how effective the VRR technology is can also vary depending on which TV or monitor you are using.

Sony has launched VRR assist for a number of their TVs such as some of the great TVs for PS5.

While Sony has now not confirmed exactly when VRR aid will arrive on PS5 we’re hoping that we may not have to wait a good deal longer.

We’ll be sure to preserve you up to date as soon as the update release date has been confirmed by means of Sony.

What Is VRR Support?

Framerates tend to increase or decrease depending on what’s going on and are by nature, variable

So Variable Refresh Rate support permits your TV to adapt to this and match the output of your device greater closely, thus resulting in a lot smoother image.

The most common VRR technologies are AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync, which are commonly observed on the quality gaming monitors out there.

In the debate of Xbox Series X vs PS5, it appears like the former is the winner in this department as it does have VRR support.

Do I Need VRR Support For PS5?

It certainly wouldn’t go amiss, however, you can still enjoy fantastic gameplay and graphics on the PS5 in the meantime.

One massive issue we would recommend is going for one of the best HDMI 2.1 monitors you can, or if you are playing on a TV, ensuring it is HDMI 2.1 compatible (check out this listing of our pinnacle TV options for PS5 if you are looking).

With this, you may be in a position to access 120fps at 4K, which has to be viewed to be believed!

For more answers to some of your burning questions, do not forget to check back in with us soon.

VRR Support Officially Coming to PS5 

Ever since the PlayStation 5 launched, followers have been crying out for VRR support. VRR — Variable Refresh Rate is a software-based technology that smooths out frame pacing issues, essentially getting rid of screen tearing and different visual artifacts. Basically, it makes games perform that little bit better. It’s no surprise users prefer it, and fortunately, Sony has simply confirmed it is finally coming to the platform.

In a new PS Blog post, the company has announced that VRR will certainly be coming to PS5 “in the coming months”. The functionality will be supported on “HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors”, which is basically the most current display.

Sony in addition explains the benefits: “Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as scenes render instantly, graphics seem to be crisper, and input lag is reduced.”

The platform holder goes on to state that earlier released PS5 games “can be thoroughly optimized for VRR thru a game patch”, and that future titles might also launch with VRR supported, which makes sense. If you want, though, you may additionally be in a position to allow VRR even on games that do not thoroughly support it. This might also have varied results, however, you may be able to turn it on or off whenever you like.

Sony signs off by saying more details will be published as we get closer to the feature’s arrival, such as an initial listing of games that will be patched to include VRR.

The feature has been supported on Xbox Series consoles given that launch. While VRR isn’t always a phase of today’s large new PS5 firmware update, it will be better late than never. Anyway, are you pleased to hear about this? Will you be the usage of VRR on PS5? Discuss in the feedback section below.

What is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)?

With a variable refresh rate or VRR, you get a smooth, artifact-free picture in both offline and online games.

The purpose of having VRR or variable refresh rates is to eliminate screen tearing while gaming. Screen tearing is a visual glitch where the TV image stutters mid-frame before returning to normal. VRR fixes this by synchronizing the display’s refresh rate with the console’s. Because the console or PC is the pace-setter, there is no tearing.

The screen tearing occurs when your TV’s image refresh rate is out of sync with your console or PC’s graphics card. So, for example, the top half of the screen shows one frame and the bottom the next.

TVs don’t instantly refresh their entire screen image. A display driver rapidly scans the screen from top to bottom, updating each pixel’s state, but sometimes just too fast for our eyes and brains to notice until a visual aberration occurs

Does PS5 have VRR?

Currently, PS5 does not have VRR support. Although VRR has been available on Xbox consoles since April 2018, the absence of this feature on the PS5 is strange.

However, those days may be coming to end as a new report has surfaced that seems to indicate that VRR support is coming through a firmware update. First reported by, Youtuber Vincent Teoh over on HDTVTest Youtube Channel reported that the new Sony TVs, which are launching this Spring, will support VRR at launch, coinciding with the imminent arrival of VRR on the PS5 via a firmware update.

The 8K mini LED, OLED, and LED TVs are the ones PlayStation 5 users should be keeping an eye on.

Sony has yet to announce anything yet about the PS5 update, as everything we’re getting now is from the television side of Sony. Sony did confirm that the PlayStation 5 hardware supports VRR through HDMI 2.1, but the feature itself cannot be accessible outside of a future firmware update.