AMD’s RX 6700XT

AMD’s RDNA 2 push continues on March 18 with a newly introduced RX 6700XT graphics card, beginning at $479 and providing simply about the precise downscaled alternatives you may count on from a card costing $100 much less than final year’s RX 6800.

AMD chose YouTube for the announcement and, possibly foolishly, left the chat characteristic on. This allowed followers to junk mail the Livestream chat with “sold out” and “out of stock” cries for a full 15 minutes.

Weirdly, the video’s host mentioned that “demand for GPUs is at an all-time high,” solely to provide about as nugatory a pledge as you will get about availability: that the GPU will be bought each at and at “e-tailers and shops throughout the globe on day one.”

Hence, we have no notion how many RX 6700XT GPUs will be made reachable this month, nor whether or not AMD or any shops have plans in the region to deal with scalpers and shopping for bots. (The identical goes for Nvidia, of course, with GPUs like its new RTX 3060, beginning at $329, immediately promoting our final week.)

The above pictures with an all-important AMD spec table, and sees the 6700XT scaling down from the 6800 in a few significant categories. Compute devices are down 44.5 percent, whilst texture devices are down 33 percent; L3 cache (which AMD calls “Infinity Cache”) has dropped from 128MB to 96MB, and VRAM has dropped 25% to a practical 12GB GDDR6. AMD has additionally viewed fit to crank the GPU’s core clocks a bit, listing an “up to” variety of 2424 MHz, which exceeds each the 6800 and 6800XT.

Last year’s new RDNA 2 cards did not always stay up to AMD’s claims that they had launched a killer 4K line, and they’re now not bothering with such a sales pitch with the downscaled 6700XT.

AMD talked up the truth that most PC gamers choose for 1080p and 1440p resolutions (without crediting offerings like Steam for capturing these metrics), then guaranteed followers that the 6700XT used to be designed for the most reliable 1440p gaming at excessive refresh rates.

But the announcement did not in any other case have good counters to the feathers in Nvidia’s cap namely, the competition’s dedicated cores for ray tracing and deep-learning super-sampling (DLSS). AMD’s plausible reply to the latter, FidelityFX Super Resolution, was once faintly teased in the Wednesday presentation, however, we’re nonetheless ready to hear precisely how it works when it will launch, and how many games and software programs suites it will support.

Until AMD implements its personal clever upscaling system, it is genuinely in no function to compete on the ray-tracing facet of things, as our checks last 12 months demonstrated.

In better news, AMD’s sales pitch about unifying your complete rig in the back of its manufacturer to get admission to the company’s proprietary “Smart Access Memory” characteristic has been up to date to assist the older Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs, in addition to the current characteristic on Ryzen 5000 products.

The concept right here is to let the CPU and GPU talk to every different greater successfully and hence fork over whole GPU memory pool get entry to as needed, and with AMD’s clear CPU positive aspects in latest years, you are in all likelihood in a function to take advantage. However, motherboard compatibility stays locked to 500-series boards, and the Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G are no longer like-minded with the feature.

It’s well worth noting that one of AMD’s charts compares the 6700XT to Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super a card whose overall performance has been summarily trounced via newer Nvidia releases. That’s up for us to shake out in future unbiased testing, so we are going to do our fine to pit the 6700XT against in a similar fashion priced GPUs in an upcoming article. And yes, “similarly priced” in 2021 may require a cautious scanning of public sale and reseller listings, which we’re poised to do at this point.

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