The New iPhone 2024, set to be released in the fall of 2024, might have the first Apple-designed modem chip, as well as upgraded Face ID technology, a possibly port less design, a high-end “Ultra” model, and more.

Although Apple is currently working on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models for 2023, analysts, leakers, and other individuals with access to insider knowledge are already anticipating the 2024 iPhone 16 range.

We’ve been hearing rumors regarding the iPhone 16 variants for quite some Apple now, so we thought we’d compile everything we’ve learned in one spot to keep track of how the rumor cycle progresses.

Keep in mind that there is still plenty of time for Apple to alter its intentions since this compilation comprises preliminary rumors about the iPhone 16 range. At this early stage, nothing presented here should be taken as fact.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Size

According Apple display specialist Ross Young, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max might have higher display sizes. The iPhone 16 Pro is believed to have a display of approximately 6.3 inches, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to have a display of around 6.9 inches.

The display on the iPhone 14 Pro is 6.1 inches, while the display on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 6.7 inches.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Ultra Specs

Apple may release a high-end iPhone 16 “Ultra” with the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max with the iPhone 16. The gadget would be positioned as the top-tier iPhone offering, with more camera enhancements, a larger display, and maybe even a portless design.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Solid State Buttons

Apple had planned to include solid-state volume, power, and mute buttons in the iPhone 15 Pro models, however owing to “unresolved technical issues,” the feature was removed from the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

Instead, reports say that Apple would delay the introduction of solid-state buttons until 2024, when they will be included in the iPhone 16 Pro models. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will “likely” deploy the technology with the iPhone 16 Pro, thus we can anticipate the unified button design to be released alongside the haptic technology.

Solid-state buttons function similarly to physical buttons, but there is no real button push when you contact them. Instead, a haptic vibration is used is utilized to simulate a button push and give you the sense of pressing down even when the button is not physically moved.

Solid-state technology is already used by Apple for the Touch ID Home button on the iPhone SE and the trackpad on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. On these gadgets, a push gesture seems like you’ve pressed a button, but it’s actually a solid surface with haptic feedback.

Solid-state button technology can increase dust and water resistance because it does not require a physical depressing motor, but it does necessitate more circuitry within the iPhone. Apple was supposed to be adding two more Taptic Engines to the iPhone 15 Pro models to power the solid-state buttons, so the iPhone 16 Pro models will probably operate the same way.

When the iPhone is switched off or the battery is drained, a low-energy chip will allow the solid-state volume and power buttons to work, allowing the buttons to be pushed even when the iPhone is turned off.

The sensitivity of the solid-state buttons may be adjusted via a new sensitivity setting in the Settings app, allowing it to function with a case and when wearing gloves. Increasing the sensitivity allows the buttons to function in these situations.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Designed Modem Chip

Apple had planned to launch its own modem chips in 2023, but difficulties in late 2022 forced the project to be postponed. As of today, it appears like Apple intends to include the new modem chip in at least one iPhone model in 2024.

The first iteration of the modem chip will feature separate wireless components, but Apple hopes to produce an all-in-one chip that integrates the cellular modem, WiFi, and Bluetooth functionalities in the future.

Apple was dissatisfied with Qualcomm’s licensing arrangements and sued the San Diego corporation for unfair royalties in 2017. Apple intended to switch to Intel modem chips at the time, but it was during the 5G transition, and Intel was unable to supply components.

It met Apple’s requirements. Apple eventually settled its case with Qualcomm, while Intel shut down its modem chip division and sold the leftovers to Apple. Qualcomm’s CEO has stated that Apple would use its own modem chips by 2024.

The New iPhone 16 2024 USB Type C

With the iPhone 15 series, Apple will migrate to USB-C technology, which is also likely to be utilized for the iPhone 16 models At least one iPhone in 2024 might be portless, eliminating the USB-C connector and replacing it with MagSafe or a comparable technology for charging and data transfer.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Display Face ID

There were reports that the iPhone 16 Pro versions will include under-display Face ID, however it currently looks that under-display Face ID will not be available until 2025. Face ID on the display will free up additional display space because the complete Dynamic Island will no longer be required.

Site in Korean According to The Elec, under-display Face ID technology may be launched as early as 2024 with the iPhone 16 Pro models, but display analyst Ross Young believes the technology is still at least two years away. Under display Face ID would not be available until the iPhone 17 Pro, according to Young’s plan, leaving the iPhone 16 Pro models with the Dynamic Island.

When under-display Face ID is released, be a circular cutout for the camera, similar to how Samsung handles front-facing camera technology.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Camera Technology

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the only iPhone to have new periscope zoom lens technology in 2023. Typically, features that are exclusive to one phone are expanded to other models the next year, but according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the periscope lens will likewise be limited to the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Light is reflected by an angled mirror toward the image sensor in the camera when using a periscope lens. The directional shift enables a “folded” telephoto lens system for greater optical zoom without the blurriness associated with digital zoom. Because the iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely to offer 6x optical zoom, the 16 Pro Max may have the same zoom option If there is a 2024 iPhone 16 Ultra, it too could have the periscope lens.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Release date

The iPhone 16 models are expected to come out in September 2024, and they will follow the 2023 iPhone 15 models.

The New iPhone 16 2024 Features

ProMotion technology, which adds up to 120Hz refresh rates to the iPhone’s display, is projected to be available in ordinary iPhone models beginning in 2025. ProMotion will be confined to higher-end “Pro” iPhones until 2025.

Apple will have both under-display Face ID and under-display front-facing camera capability with the 2026 iPhone 18, perhaps allowing for a design with no cuts for the camera hardware. This would be the world’s first all-display design.