Computex 2023

COMPUTEX 2023 is an annual computer expo and conference that typically takes place in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a prominent event in the technology industry, featuring exhibitions, product launches, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities.

Computex 2023 begins on May 29, 2023 and ends on June 2, 2023 (Taiwan time). Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang delivered the opening keynote presentation.

Other manufacturers, including Asus, Acer, MSI, and Gigabyte, are expected to reveal new devices throughout the week.

Asus reveals a gorgeous new liquid-cooled GPU

new liquid-cooled GPU

Asus is a large presence at Computex 2023, as usual, and it’s showing off a variety of new gaming devices, including monitors, keyboards, and more.

But it’s the Asus Matrix RTX 4090 GPU that has piqued our interest. It’s liquid cooled to get the most out of Nvidia’s monstrous RTX 4090.

Cooler Master presents the ‘gaming chair reimagined’

Cooler Master presents the ‘gaming chair

Cooler Master has a lot to show off at Computex 2023, but when it says the Motion 1 has’reimagined’ the gaming chair, we wanted to know more.

It has haptic feedback for immersive gameplay, with the chair vibrating based on what’s going on screen, and, of course, RGB lights.

We’re not persuaded that haptic feedback in a chair is a strong selling point, but the Motion 1 might be the first gaming chair to make it seem less gimmicky.

Cooler Master MasterHUB hands-on review


Cooler Master hopes to compete with Elgato and its famous Stream Deck with the MasterHUB, which we tested at Computex 2023.

With a sleek design and plenty of compatibility for popular streaming providers, it makes controlling your stream simple and convenient for any aspiring streaming star or influencer.

Corsair introduces iCUE Link to make building your next PC easier

Corsair introduces iCUE

If having to handle a slew of cables puts you off constructing your own PC, Corsair’s new iCue Link could be for you. It is referred to as a’smart component ecosystem’ since it allows connecting various components such as fans and CPU coolers relatively simple using simple connectors that should reduce the quantity of wires in your PC.

Of course, you’ll need Corsair components, but thankfully the firm produces pretty nice equipment, so that’s not too hard.

If having to juggle a slew of cables puts you off constructing your own PC, Corsair’s new iCue Link may be of interest. It is referred to as a “smart component ecosystem” since it makes connecting multiple components, such as fans and CPU coolers, relatively simple using simple cables that should reduce the number of wires in your PC.

Of course, you’ll need Corsair components, but the firm makes extremely nice equipment, so that’s not too awful.

Corsair’s Dominator Titanium DDR5 RAM is the coolest tech we’ve seen so far at Computex 2023

Titanium DDR5 RAM

RAM is one of the most vital components of modern computers, yet it’s not the most fascinating. Corsair apparently missed the memo, since their new Dominator Titanium DDR5, which it debuted at Computex, may be the best innovation we’ve seen at the event thus far.

We went up close and personal with it, and it not only looks incredible, with a great degree of customization, but it also performs like a beast.

MSI partners with Mercedes-AMG Motorsport for a ‘luxury’ laptop experience

MSI and Mercedes-AMG Motorspot have cooperated on the Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport laptop, which attempts to combine Mercedes’ premium style and design with the strong gaming hardware found in MSI’s gaming laptops.

While just one collaboration laptop, along with numerous other MSI laptops, has been unveiled, the firm has promised “more collaborative products in the future.”