Fortnite Halo’s Master Chief is crossing the streams, everyone. As part of its ongoing Season 5 events, Epic’s ever-popular shooter is opening up all types of move media possibilities. Recently, God of War’s Kratos arrived as a playable character inside the game, alongside associated accessories. It means that, yes, you can play as the PlayStation icon on Xbox systems. However, that is no longer the solely crazy crossover.

Halo’s Master Chief

Indeed, whilst Xbox has gained one Spartan, so has PlayStation. Master Chief, the essential protagonist of Microsoft’s Halo series, has additionally arrived in Fortnite, which means that you can now play as him on PS5 and PS4. Check out his laugh divulge trailer above. As with Kratos, some acquainted weapons and different related stuff are additionally in the game, consisting of the Warthog vehicle, Gravity Hammer, and more.

In fact, let’s simply take a moment to revel in this beneath the tweet. It features PlayStation one-of-a-kind character Kratos, driving the Warthog from Xbox unique Halo, captured on a Nintendo Switch:

We’re thru the searching glass, people. Have you been playing as Halo’s Master Chief in Fortnite on PS5 or PS4?

Halo’s Master Chief & Red Vs. Blue Join Fortnite’s Season 5

During The Game Awards 2020, Epic Games dropped a ton of surprises onto the Fortnite community with the addition of Halo assets. Specifically the addition of John-117, AKA Master Chief, who will be brought to the game as the latest unique Zero Point discern coming to the game. Along with him comes a number of objects that will make followers of the series comfortable as you get a Pelican Glider and a Gravity Hammer Pickaxe. What’s more, the world of Red Vs. Blue will be coming to the game alongside with Blood Gultch, which used to be created via a small team of people who remade the complete level inside the Fortnite creative mode. Here’s extra data from the devs.

We also found out, but don’t have as much info on it, that Michonne and Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead will be coming to Fortnite as well on December 16th. Enjoy all the trailers showing everything off!

Halo’s Master Chief
Halo’s Master Chief