cyberpunk 2077 Metacritic

Cyberpunk 2077 launched to extremely blended reviews the different day, however still managed to rack up an excellent Metacritic score: 90, at last count. That’s for PC, however, the place each and every reviewer played the game earlier than launch. After launch, the narrative has shifted: now not only does the game have troubles on lower-spec PCs, it’s an absolute catastrophe on consoles, especially on the Xbox One and PS4. And with little to no official opinions representing these versions of the games, user reviews are beginning to fill the void.

This isn’t quite a Warcraft: Reforged situation, which I consider still holds the record for lowest user rating ever. It is, however, exceedingly bad: on Xbox One, the user rating at the time of this writing sits at 2.3. On PS4, it’s 1.9. Even on PC, where lots of people have possibly had the experience the developer intended, the rating is way down at 6.0, some distance cry from the 9.0 of the critic score. There’s without a doubt some bleed from console anger affecting the PC score, as well.

It leaves me with an interesting problem. suppose that you can definitely call this “review bombing”, a practice that can be highly not easy when people do it because they don’t like the illustration or politics of a given game. And yet, in this particular instance, it appears extra than reasonable, especially thinking about there are no critical reviews for the PS4, and only 2 for the Xbox One—not enough to make a rating by Metacritic’s standards. Without that, user reviews are the only voices on that web site that are talking about simply how busted the game is on last-gen consoles.

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Metacritic recently modified its system so that users couldn’t write opinions till 24 hours after a game is released, stopping the kinds of pre-release review bombing that we noticed with The Last of Us Part 2. And, theoretically, we see that system simply working pretty properly here: user reviews are reacting to the state of the game on the platforms listed, and the state of the game on platforms listed is incredibly bad.

I’m involved to watch this develop. Will the rating get lower? higher? My guess is lower, however, there are probably enough CD Projekt Red fans out there to keep it from dipping under 1. Hopefully, some websites can begin placing review scores out to fill out the critical aspect of the equation too.