The next generation of PSVR 2 is coming to PS5

Sony has formally confirmed the PSVR 2 is on its way. This latest-gen VR headset will work solely with the PS5 and be the successor to the unique PlayStation VR, which was once launched all the way lower back in 2016.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog posted in early 2021, Sony introduced that its new PSVR system is in development, reaffirming the brand’s dedication to VR. While Sony has but to call it the PSVR 2 themselves – rather preferring to say it’s the company’s “next-generation of VR” – we imagine the headset will borrow the naming conventions of its consoles.

There’s no official release date but for the PSVR 2, however, Sony dominated out a 2021 release; so we suspect it would possibly launch someday in 2022 (perhaps in the lead-up to the holidays).

For now, then, there aren’t many official important points about the PSVR 2 reachable at the moment, however as time goes on, extra information and rumors are landing.

In the information below, we cowl the entirety we comprehend so a long way about the new VR headset from Sony, along with potential release dates, what the layout of the headset and controllers may seem like, the new games we’re searching ahead to playing, the aspects to assume and much more.

PSVR 2’s OLED display will boast a total resolution of 4000 X 2040 pixels (that’s 2000 X 2040 per eye and just slightly more than the Oculus Quest 2). This display would supposedly give the PSVR 2 an 110 degree of field of view, and using a process called foveated rendering (a technique that uses gaze tracking to only render certain parts of the image) the PSVR2 could more efficiently use its and the PS5’s processing power.

In addition, rumors suggest that lens adjustment will be controlled by a dial (rather than the fixed settings in the Quest 2), gaze tracking, and a motor within the headset itself that might be used for haptic feedback.

PSVR 2 might not be wireless like the Oculus Quest 2. While this would let Sony put the power of your PS5 to good use to make better VR games, tethered experiences aren’t always the most convenient. At least it’s rumored to only be one cable with the PSVR 2.

Last but not least we have the PSVR 2 controllers. So far these accessories are what we know most about as Sony has already shown off how we’ll be interfacing with its headset. The PSVR 2 controllers feature baton-like handles with a plastic orb around them and will make use of the same adaptive trigger features found in the DualSense PS5 as well as haptic feedback and finger touch detection.

PSVR 2 release date

Sony has only confirmed that the PSVR 2 won’t release in 2021, but beyond that, we don’t know exactly when the VR headset will launch. Holiday 2022 seems like a likely bet, but we’ll have to wait for leaks or official confirmation to have a better idea.

Given that Sony is already struggling to output enough PS5s to meet demand, we might even see PSVR 2 launch later than 2022 to keep production pipelines focused on the console. This would give Sony more time to expand the potential PSVR 2 player base (as the new headset will be exclusive to Sony’s latest console) and would help get the sort after console in more people’s hands.

However, the latest PSVR 2 rumor is concerned with its release date, which sources suggest could be Christmas 2022 according to a report from Bloomberg

PSVR 2 price

Right now we don’t know how much the PSVR 2 will cost but we can look at other VR headsets to get an idea of what we could expect to pay for the new hardware.

Firstly we have the current PlayStation VR starter bundle that retails for $200 / £259 / AU$420. This is slightly cheaper than the price of the hugely popular Oculus Quest 2 which typically sells for £299 / $299 / AU$479 but the PSVR Starter bundle has gone through several price reductions and is several years old.

The original price for a full PSVR bundle was $499 (£399, about AU$650) however that’s considerably more than consumers may want to pay, especially if they have already shelled out on a PS5. 

However, the price tag could make sense if Sony uses premium tech. For comparison, a “premium” VR headset currently on the market is the HTC Vive Pro, which retails for $800, £800, or around AU$1,045.

We imagine that Sony will aim for a price somewhere between the original and current price for the PSVR bundle if it wants to see the PSVR 2 succeed but we’ll have to wait and see.

 PSVR 2 specs

The most concrete information we have on what PSVR 2 should be successful of comes from JDI’s announcement of its 3.2-inch show with 1,001ppi and 2160 x 2432 resolution.

JDI claims that this show will decrease latency to 2.2msec (compared to >18msec today), permit for 120Hz (same as the PSVR 1), and demand much less processing power to achieve higher image quality.

We can not assurance that Sony will use this type of screen in the PSVR 2 however it does use JDI’s screens for its smartphones and this new show looks perfect for VR giving it various motives to take a look at the new digital reality headset.

Of course, if the PlayStation VR 2 does go with dual displays, this will make the graphical demand for the headset plenty greater tough to achieve. Thankfully, the upgraded AMD Ryzen chip that Sony has applied in the PS5 looks like it has finished the processing energy critical to guide these displays.

PSVR 2 news

Sony has confirmed via the official PlayStation Blog that there won’t be any PSVR 2 announcements during September 9, 2021’s PlayStation Showcase. While plenty of new and announced PS5 games will make an appearance during the presentation, PSVR 2 fans will just have to wait a bit longer before the future of VR is revealed for Sony’s current-gen machine.

PSVR 2 what we want 

PSVR 2 needs to ensure that players have access to an extensive video game library to justify the price of a VR headset. While the original PSVR had quite a few fun games to mess around with, it paled in comparison to what’s available on PCs with HTC or Oculus headsets. This could change if PSVR 2 increases its functionality as much as we expect it to, allowing for the PS5 to better support more demanding third-party titles like Half-Life: Alyx.

The PSVR 2 will soar if it receives the wireless functionality we are expecting. Getting rid of wires is the best step to make the system much more immersive. At this point, it’s difficult to count how many times I’ve had to be untangled from a mess of wires while deep into VR.

We also want to get confirmation on whether or not the original PSVR library on the PS4 will be available to play on PS5. Sony’s confusing statements are unclear about backward compatibility, but it would be nice to know whether or not the console can handle this generation’s VR titles.

With the release of the fantastic and affordable Oculus Quest 2, the PSVR 2 has a lot to compete with. Sony definitely needs to step up its game for the next iteration of its virtual reality hardware.

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