best options for shoot photos and videos underwater.

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Waterproof camera Akaso Brave 7 LE

waterproof camera Akaso Brave 7 LE
source Akaso

Best Price, you’ll still get a water-proof action cam for all of your underwater activities. The Akaso Brave 7 LE not only records 4K video, has image stabilization, and a front-facing screen, but comes with a plethora of accessories all for way but a comparable GoPro sans accessories.

Akaso claims the case that comes with the Brave 7 LE is sweet right down to 40 meters or about 131 feet. this is often plenty for any quiet water adventure, including most commercial scuba dives.

For deep dives, there doesn’t seem to be an option for a red or magenta filter accessory, such as you can find with GoPros. Not a deal-breaker, just something to stay in mind.

The 4K video comes with the touch of a caveat: it’s only 30 frames per second. Not an enormous deal, but means there is no chance for slo-mo videos at that resolution. there’s at lower resolutions, however. The build quality and image quality are both fines for the worth, though not nearly as good as even the cheaper GoPros.

Waterproof camera Inexpensive GoPro Hero 7 Black

best waterproof camera Inexpensive GoProGoPro Hero 7 Black

The main reason with GoPro over another brand is that the extremely wide selection of accessories available, and therefore the availability of these accessories. just about every dive shop and beach-side hotel on Earth goes to sell a couple of GoPro items like batteries, cases, and more.

If you do not need the last word in video quality, frame-rates, or stabilization, the Hero7 Black will work just fine. Its small size can fit almost anywhere, and it’s waterproof without a case to 33 feet (10 meters). this is often plenty for things like surfing, pools, probably snorkeling too unless you’ve fins or can really hold your breath. For deeper dives, there is a dive case available that’s good right down to 131 feet (40 meters).

Two other accessories I like to recommend are the Handler and therefore the Hand/Wrist Strap. The Handler floats with the camera attached, making it much harder to lose your GoPro. The Strap allows you to have your hands free. Not ideal for continuous shooting, except for short clips and photos, just aim like Spidey. OK, maybe not exactly like Spidey. Read our GoPro Hero 7 Black hands-on.

Waterproof camera Best GoPro Hero 9 Black

best waterproof camera GoProGoPro Hero 9 Black

For a intensify in resolution, frame rate, and image stabilization, the Hero 9 Black is merely a touch extra money than the Hero 7 Black. just like the 7, the Hero 9 is waterproof right down to 33 feet on its own and features a Protective Housing capable of going much deeper.

The accessories we prefer for the Hero 7 we prefer for the Hero9 also, including the Handler handle and therefore the Hand/Wrist Strap.

GoPro is not the only name in action or waterproof cameras by any stretch, but it’s the most important. the power to urge an additional battery, get a special mount or case, almost anywhere, maybe a major point.

But for the sheer sort of photos and videos possible, a 360 camera is a good better option. Read our GoPro Hero 9 Black hands-on.

Most versatile underwater camera Insta360 One R

best waterproof camera Insta360 One R

A 360 camera allows you to record everything all directly, then edit together the simplest parts once you revisit to shore. It wont to be that 360 cameras, with their two or more lenses and sensors, were just a weird niche to make spherical videos. They’re rarely used for that anymore. Now they’re just extremely versatile action cameras. Insta360 and GoPro, the 2 biggest names within the space, expect you to make traditional 1080p videos using the 360 footage you captured. Having used the One R’s predecessor, the One X, on several dives, it’s a simple thanks to making compelling, professional-looking videos. Easily too, since you do not get to aim the camera. You’re capturing everything around you all the time. Later, you edit-in smooth pans like from a turtle to your face’s reaction to the turtle. otherwise, you can keep a fish centered within the shot while you swim around it, having never moved the camera.

It’s easier to point out what I mean. Here’s the raw spherical 360 video I took last year on a dive in Barbados. Using their app, I made this video, which shows only the interesting bits which might be integrated into a more traditional video/vlog, on Instagram, etc. All the camera pans are wiped out the app after the very fact.

The GoPro Max, its 360 action cam, is sweet and may create some great videos right out of the box. However, the One R is way more adaptable to different situations. It’s modular, so you’ll swap out the dual-lens 360 modules for a single-lens high-frame-rate 4K module, or maybe a high-quality 1-inch-sensor module for better low-light performance.

Optional accessory: Waterproof light & Motion Sidekick Duo

best waterproof camera light & Motion Sidekick Duo
light & Motion

Light behaves differently the deeper you go. You lose reds, then oranges, eventually even greens. So counting on the depth and variety of other factors, your pictures might find yourself rather monochromatic. the colorful coral and fish photos you’ve probably seen on Instagram were likely crazy much more expensive cameras than we’ve covered, with elaborate and powerful lighting rigs.

However, you’ll offset that a touch. This 600 lumens waterproof LED light from Light and Motion should work great for pack up photos and videos. it isn’t getting to illuminate a faculty of fish, but a fish needless to say, and sometimes that’s all you would like. It’s rated right down to 60m/196ft.

There are tons of options available under $100, but they’re either dimmer, have extensive bad reviews, or both. Before you purchase this or any underwater camera light, inspect the user photos so you recognize its capabilities. Then double-check you are able to connect the sunshine to your camera mount. If you would like more brightness, there’s likely a water-proof light for however high your budget can go.