iphone 14

The iPhone is one of the hottest smartphones since its launch. Still, Apple’s first mobile didn’t have the copy/paste option. here you will find everything from A to Z about the reason for this absence.


A few months ago, Apple was unanimous among lovers of new technologies. And this is for the simple reason that the Cupertino firm unveiled its latest iPhone.

An extraordinary creation that seems to bring together all the elements necessary for optimal use. Starting with incredible storage capacity.

If the cheapest version is able to store up to 128 GB of data, it seems that the pro and pro max models are, for their part, of a much higher power.

Indeed, the latter can hold up to 1 TB of files. Never before seen in the world of mobile telephony. As you will have understood, Apple has hit very hard with its latest iPhone.

But far from having wanted to bet everything on an extraordinary memory, the American company also wanted to make its smartphone more resistant. Thus, the contours of it are made of stainless steel or aluminum depending on the model chosen.

And that’s not all! A major novelty has also emerged in the lens of the True Depth camera. This is a special notch set up in order to protect the tool against ID in the event of a fall.

A small plus not negligible that did not fail to make a sensation with users. But to get even closer to Steve Jobs’ vision, Apple will make this notch disappear by directly integrating Face ID into the screen of the next iPhone.


If the latest iPhone is hyper-powerful and ultra-resistant, this was not necessarily the case with the first models. According to the latest information posted online by Le Soir, the very first mobile of the crunched apple did not even have the copy/paste option.

But for what reason? On Instagram, Ken Kocienda, an engineer at Apple, made some revelations. Thus, “the original iPhone did not have to cut/copy/paste. The quickest explanation is that I didn’t have time to do it properly. »

He also added: I had too much work on the keyboard, the autocorrect, and the text system. The design team didn’t have time either. So we passed the feature for 1.0. »

It was not until 2009, two years after the release of the first iPhone, that the mobile saw the birth of the copy/paste option. A radical change that has made life easier for many users.

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Apple has put the small dishes into the big ones since the launch of its smartphone. Now, the latter is even one of the most popular and powerful in the tech world.