Fortnite Secret Challenge

Fortnite Secret Challenge List

There’s an easy experience to be found if you’re willing to actively look around Fortnite’s island!

It appears that in Season 4 the Coral Buddies are getting to be involved in some additional secret challenges. they need to be made their way through various technological ages and are still maintaining some space up

Completing each of those challenges will get you a simple 25,000 XP as a gift. you’ll want to form bound to complete these hebdomadally because if it finishes up an equivalent because of the previous seasons, the sooner ones will sometimes disappear and you will not be ready to complete them.

Fortnite Secret Challenge #10 – Grave Mistake

Head north of Slurpy Swamp and locate a monument to the Gnome and potentially the end to its saga?

Fortnite Secret Challenge #8 & #9 – Cleanse Tanks and Escape?

Head over to Slurpy Swamp and inside the massive factory area with the 2 large tanks with Slurp Juice in them. you’ll notice that they’re now putrid green in color, and you’re tasked with cleaning them! Thankfully, all you would like to try to wash them is to jump inside them! The purity of your body will cleanse the tank. Just confirm to leap into each of them to finish the challenge.

The Escape? challenge is true next to the tanks, you only got to attend the broken wall and find the Gnome that’s nearby. He clearly was the one that poisoned the juice, so plan to capture him, and he will rocket off and escape.

Fortnite Secret Challenge #7 – Most Wanted

This one is really simple, and all you need to do is head to Hydro 16, which is at the bottom of the huge dam near the big lake to the south. Once you get there, if you head down into the water area to the northeast, you will find a spray of an evil looking gnome on the side of the cement wall. Just go next to it and you will receive the XP!

Fortnite Secret Challenge #6 – The Lair

This challenge can no longer be completed!

Looks like I missed a challenge, because there’s a third one for 14.20! This one has you head to the Ghost House that is just west of the Bifrost marks that are south of The Authority. You will want to go into that building then head down into the basement area and through a vent to find an evil Gnome. If you can’t locate it, check out this video:

Fortnite Secret Challenge #5 – The Traps

This challenge can no longer be completed!

There’s another secret challenge that was added in the 14.20 patch. This one has you going all over the map to disarm slurp keg traps that have been apparently set by the Gnomes? There’s a map below, and I’m going to go into detail a bit more on each location.

  • Steamy Stacks: This is at the northern most stack in the lower section of it.
  • Craggy Cliff: You need to go under the deck area of the big restaurant. It’s pretty far under there in a crevice around some rock.
  • Sweaty Sands: Near the palm tree in a corner of the patio area to the east of the first big hotel.
  • Holly Hedges: To the east of the plant shop area near the shelves with wooden planks under them.
  • Misty Meadows: Under the bridge on the eastern side.

If you still can’t find them, I’ve added a video below.

fortnite Secret Challenge

Here’s a video to help you locate these if you’re struggling.

Fortnite Secret Challenge #4 – The Aftermath

This challenge can no longer be completed!

It doesn’t look like the Gnome from the comedy show is going to be a stand up comedian anytime soon. So, he’s now selling newspapers apparently. You can find this set of Gnomes in multiple places, but a simple spot is north of the lighthouse on the beach. Once you reach the area, smack all the gnomes with your pickaxe and you should receive some XP!

fortnite Secret Challenge

Fortnite Secret Challenge #3 – The Event of the Year

This challenge can no longer be completed!

Head over to The Agency location on the map and if you go to the eastern side of the island you will find a gnome admiring a pretty interesting billboard.

fortnite Secret Challenge

The billboard is displaying the old man Gnome from The GNOM Talk hidden challenge below. All you need to do is walk near it and you will be rewarded with an easy 20,000 XP!

fortnite Secret Challenge

Fortnite Secret Challenge #2 – The GNOM Talk

This challenge can no longer be completed!

In the new 14.10 Patch there’s a brand new secret challenge that you can complete! It’s very simple to complete, all you need to do is head down to the southern part of the map. Go southwest of Misty Meadows and south of Panther’s Prowl to an unnamed tip of the island at coordinate B8. You will find a bunch of Gnomes, with one of them talking on stage to the others. When you get close to the gnome on stage, it will trigger some talking and you will eventually get credit for the challenge! Once it completes, you will get 25,000 XP!

fortnite Secret Challenge

Here’s a video if you’re having trouble locating the area:

Fortnite Secret Challenge #1 – Oh No…

This island is currently not on the map anymore, so it looks like you can no longer complete this challenge!

The first hidden challenge starts us off on a pretty sad note. It looks like the Coral Buddies have nuked themselves into oblivion and hard times have struck them. If you look at the little guys, they are still surviving but they appear to have turned into baby terminators! Well, we’re hoping that these little buggers can turn things around, and hopefully, their society won’t turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To complete this challenge, all you need to do is visit them over at their island at B1 on the map.

Fortnite Secret Challenge

You just need to go to the area and observe what has happened to the Coral Buddies. You don’t have to interact or do anything else, the challenge should just complete when you arrive and you will get yourself some easy experience!