Fortnite Season-5

The game “Fortnite” just added a new batch of XP Coins, and players that wish to be at the highest tiers of the Season 5 Battle Pass will little question want to gather all of the XP Coins.

In order to achieve success during this mission, players will be got to do a radical search of the map. Players will be got to visit Catty Corner, Stealthy Stronghold, and other locations in between those destinations. Luckily there’s a guide for the “Fortnite” players that want to form their XP Coins hunting easier.

It is worth mentioning, before going into the small print of the locations of all of the new XP Coins in Week 8, that players can still collect “Fortnite” Season 5 Week 7 XP Coins if you’ve got not done so already.

As is that the case with Week 8’s offering, there are around 10 XP Coins within the batch and that they are scattered across the map within the game, consistent with Forbes.

Although there’s no urgency to select up all of the XP Coins, players that also want to level up should still keep the map on their radar just in case they need to retrieve them.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 XP Coins

To get the gold XP Coins, you’ll get to destroy the helicopter at the Copter Crash landmark in Stealthy Stronghold. to urge the green XP Coins, you would like to see on the wooden scaffolding.

You can also find it behind a chain-linked fence that’s connected to a little brick building. Also, you’ll find it on the bottom that’s next to a cliff and you’ll also catch on within the Predator’s Apartment located in Hunter’s Haven.

To get the purple XP Coins, you’ll continue to the bottom near some trees to urge some and you’ll also find them within the cornfield at Steel Farm. to urge the blue XP Coins, you’ll get to sign up the water that’s near a shipping container, you’ll also get to sign up the water near a wrecked boat and you’ll also find it within the water near a little wooden platform.

Take note that several of those new XP Coins are positioned in a way that the players can easily complete the challenges while they’re collecting the coins.

For example. XP Coin 1 is positioned in Stealthy Stronghold, and players can work on defeating Predator in “Fortnite” while they’re at this location, consistent with GameRant.

Those players which will finish this challenge successfully can unlock the new Predator skin, which cosmetic will allow them to tackle a number of the opposite Jungle Hunter Quests.

Coin 7 also can be found at the sight of a replacement challenge that instructs the players to drive a car through the cornfield at Steel Farm. it’ll reward the player 20,000 XP when it’s completed, consistent with ScreenRant.

“Fortnite” players that have an interest in successfully earning XP should confirm to tackle a challenge and collect the Coin, which will prevent them from wanting to make any long trips to the present landmark.