new Repeater weapon in Fortnite

One of the most unique weapons we’ve seen in a while The 16.10 update was once launched last week and was once the first update of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Despite the 16.20 update now not being till next week, Epic Games has decided to treat us early with a brand new weapon, the Recycler.

Here is the place to locate it, what it does, and how to use it.

The Recycler

The Recycler is a manufacturer-new weapon that has been added to Fortnite.

It works a little bit different to normal weapons however we will get into that a bit later.

The weapon appears similar to the old Proximity Grenade Launcher however sounds like a chainsaw.

So far I have solely observed it as floor loot, however, it very well should be available in Chests and Supply Drops as well.

I have additionally solely seen it as a Rare (blue) rarity, it is possible it can be founded at a greater rarity or upgraded, however, I cannot confirm that based totally on my own experiences with the weapon so far.

The Ammo

This unique weapon works a little bit different to other weapons in the game.

Normally you find ammo such as bullets, rockets, or arrows, however, this time the environment is your weapon. The chainsaw sound I stated earlier is honestly a vacuum ticking over.

To attain ammo for the weapon you want to hold the purpose button and suck the environment, such as rocks and trees, into the weapon to turn them into ammo.

The Recycler can solely hold three rounds so this is something you would want to do often.

The Damage

The Recycler deals 75 damage so not too bad.

One downside I did notice is, it doesn’t act like a Grenade Launcher or Proximity Grenade Launcher which has an area the explosion can deal damage in.

Instead, it operates extra like a Bow the place you want to actually hit the opponent to deal damage, this makes it much less attractive and, at least proper now, you may as properly carry a Grenade Launcher instead.

So Is It Any Good?

It is absolutely superb to see new weapons come to the game, in particular something that has that Fortnite vibe about it.
In the past, we have considered some crazy and unique weapons that suit the feel of the game, such as the Junk Rift. But is it any good? Kind of, however no longer really.

The damage output is good, it would simply be higher if it acted extra like a Grenade Launcher and did not want to be as accurate as a Bow, you ought to simply carry a Bow and do similar damage and the capability to carry 30 arrows.

Ammo is a massive aspect too, whilst the environment makes it so your ammo is nearly endless, it takes a whilst to suck up the environment and gain extra ammo, it is not something you should quickly do mid-fight to be capable to fire every other shot.

Overall, it appears fun to mess about with however I can see it being a weapon that people will solely carry to fill a slot, rather than dropping a weapon especially for it.

Unless anybody like SypherPK discovers some crazy game-changing meta with it.

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