Where To Find Jetpacks In Fortnite

Jetpacks are again in Fortnite. Epic vaulted this special transportation item way returned at the quit of Chapter 1. Since then, jetpacks have remained in the vault, waiting for a chance to be unvalued. That chance is right here in Chapter 3, and gamers can now locate and use jetpacks in Fortnite. However, like with most new items, the region of the jetpacks is no longer readily obvious in Season 2. Luckily, gamers are in a position to locate them at specific spots on the map. Here’s where to discover jetpacks in Fortnite

Where to get a jetpack in Fortnite
As of proper now in Season 2, jetpacks are solely discovered on the IO airships floating above the island. There are roughly five airships areas presently on the map, which gamers can both land on from the Battle Bus or take its attached ascenders or ziplines on the ground. Currently, in Season 2, the IO airships are located above the following POIs:

  • Condo Canyon
  • Rocky Reels
  • Tilted Towers
  • Command Cavern
  • Coney Crossroads

Keep in mind that the location of these airship blimps will vary each week as the war effort moves forces around the island. Once players have selected a location to drop, they can land on (or zip up to) the walkways of the airship and then use the door to access the inside of it. In the rooms of the airship, a jetpack will be mounted on the wall on the inside of the entrance door. Interact with the jetpack to add it to your inventory.

With the jetpack in hand, gamers are now capable to flow up, down, and sideways to reach the upper rooms of buildings or acquire an immediate top advantage against enemies. Epic Games additionally added a feature to the jetpacks to make them even better against enemies; gamers can now hover and strafe when the use of the Jetpack. So if gamers are in the air, they can additionally aim and fire their weapons whilst remaining in the air.

One aspect to remember with the Jetpack is that it is usually active when added to a player’s inventory. Even if gamers do not have it equipped, they can keep down the jump button after pressing it as soon as to begin hovering.

Fortnite April 12 Patch Notes: Conflict Careens Into Condo Canyon

The Fortnite 20.10 April 12 Hotfix is upon us, and with it comes a new theater for the battle against the Imagined Order (IO), as well as a few eggs-cellent returning items.

The biggest change in this patch sees Condo Canyon become the new hotspot for the battle between the IO and the Seven-led Resistance. Much like the previous battle at The Daily Bugle, players can drop in and help resistance forces repel the IO guards and reap XP rewards and lots of loot for doing so. Back at the Bugle, funding stations are now available where players can spend bars to add an Armored Battle Bus and turrets to the area.

Meanwhile, the IO blimps hovering over multiple essential points on the map will now add an essential piece of loot to their airborne stashes: the returning Jetpack, which the Fortnite faithful have no longer seen in the main battle royale because of the stop of Chapter 1.

Finally, two Easter-themed objects are cracking into the battle royale simply in time for the floppy-eared festivities. Egg Launchers will now show up each in chests and as flooring loot, appearing as a poultry-powered grenade launcher that inflicts explosive damage. If you prefer to hop like a bunny, however, the Bouncy Eggs are additionally making a return, which will restore some shield and reduce the player’s gravity when consumed.

Fortnite gamers can jump into the IO/Seven conflict with two brand-new gaming legends as Ezio Auditore and Eivor Varinsdottir from Assassin’s Creed have lately joined the fray. Make certain to seem to be for all of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 NPCs whilst battling, as they preserve plenty of effective weapons that may want to turn the tide in your favor.