Among top features introduced by WhatsApp this year, there are at least ten major changes the company has rolled out for its users across countries.

1- Get That Back-Up Working Again

WhatsApp has been moaning at you for some time that your storage is nearly full. If you’ve been the use of WhatsApp to send videos, PDFs, and albums of pictures (not to point out the infinite stream of GIFs), then the size of your WhatsApp back-up is likely getting quite substantial. If you’re relying on the free allocation of iCloud or Google Drive storage that got here with your handset, then you may be struggling to back-up all of your conversations.

That’s a problem. It may want to mean you lose some treasured chats if you lose your smartphone. And if you’re walking out of nearby storage on your smartphone, then matters get even worse – that capability you won’t be capable to take any pictures on Christmas Day.

Thankfully, WhatsApp launched a new storage tool before this ultimate month designed to make releasing up memory quicker (and easier) than before. Go to Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage to locate a breakdown of all your messages, photos, GIFs, and videos neatly ordered into thumbnails.

2- Never Send A Message To The Wrong Person Again

t’s the stuff of nightmares – you tap “Send” on a particular bitchy message only to realize that you’ve sent it to the subject of the backhanded text, now not the meant recipient. Thankfully, anybody at WhatsApp must’ve discovered themselves in the same sticky situation, as the Facebook-owned app recently rolled out a reachable fix.

In a current update to WhatsApp on iPhone and Android, the messaging app seriously boosted its wallpaper feature to allow you to set a customized design for different chats. Sure, it appears nice, however, it additionally means these historical past pictures can assist you to realize one from the other.

And if you’re now not the kind of person to send malicious messages – first of all, excellent for you. And secondly, this feature is still an extremely good way to make WhatsApp seem a little prettier. You can select any picture you like to personalize your chat, so experience free to consist of some non-public memories to individual chats and groups.

To set a customized wallpaper, iPhone owners want to click on the person or Group name to locate the Wallpaper And Sound menu, in the meantime Android users can locate it by clicking the small three-dot icon in the corner of the screen.

3-  Set Your Out Of Office On

If you’ve been the usage of WhatsApp to keep in contact with colleagues or talk about upcoming work projects, then it’s no longer unreasonable to choose a break from the office over the festive period. But whilst it’s quite easy to set an Out Of Office on your inbox and stroll away the equal isn’t real for your smartphone, especially if you’ve been the use of your private number for work in the latest months.

While WhatsApp has long boasted a mute feature, the company has made some welcome modifications in the remaining few months designed to assist you to enjoy the silence. Muting some Groups will assist gain this respite and focal point your time on these you are closest to.

To mute a chat, swipe the group to the left in the Chats tab. Then tap More … > Mute and select how long you would like to mute it for. Following the most recent WhatsApp update, you’ll now be in a position to mute a conversation indefinitely (until now, the top limit used to be one year).

4- QR codes: All the WhatsApp accounts will now have their own QR code that will help users scan each other’s code. With this, users can add each other without having to actually enter the number. The customized QR code can be found in the Settings section of the app.

5- Customisable wallpapers: For preferred and favorite chats, users can set custom wallpapers apart from the regular ones. This is useful for saving yourself from sending a text into the wrong chat window. This works in dark mode also.

6- Disappearing Messages: WhatsApp users can send Snapchat like messages that can disappear. Disappearing messages are sent only if the user has enabled the feature in the app settings. WhatsApp said that the feature will not impact the user’s previous messages. Once enabled, the messages that are sent in an individual chat or a group chat will disappear on their own after seven days.

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7- Group video calls: In times where people have been working from home, WhatsApp in a bid to make the experience more seamless increased the upper limit for participants in a group video call to 8 people.

8- WhatsApp Payments: For all those who find it easier to just pay money digitally, the company rolled out its very own WhatsApp Pay. Money can simply be transferred with this feature to others. However, it does not support bill payments.

9- Animated stickers: Animated stickers are available within a pack and placed next to regular sticker packs within the Sticker store. Since there is an animation element, WhatsApp gives you a button to play next to these stickers before downloading.

10- Mute option: The Facebook-owned company has also introduced a permanent mute option for chats. Now, users will be able to mute the chats they want to permanently.

11- Advanced search options: One of the features that the company rolled out is to make searching for documents, photos, GIFs, and videos much easier. The media can be found by simply searching.

12- New storage management tool: WhatsApp’s new storage management tool notifies users regarding their storage getting full on their smartphones. With the help of this, users can delete junk data or media that is taking up the storage space.